About Dance Ninjas

Instructors: We will be hiring awesome instructors from around the globe to teach for Dance Ninjas. For now, breast  support the Dance Ninjas Dream & we will inform you when we are hiring.




As a Dance Ninja, you learn the skills to … Make Every Dance Amazing … Anyone … Any Music … Anywhere!



World Champion Dance Instructor, Andrew Sutton, teaches you partner dance in a brand new way so you can dance with any partner, anytime, anywhere. You learn these skills at home, dancing to the music that you love.


Compared to traditional methods, where you learn a specific style of dance done to a specific genre of music, Andrew recreates partner dance techniques so you learn the building blocks to create your own style, and how to do it to the music that you prefer … with anyone, even if they’ve never danced before. 


Andrew’s online school, Dance Ninjas, brings together dancers from around the world who share this common dream … to make every dance amazing, with anyone, to any music, anywhere. This school already has dancers learning from their homes in the USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Sweden, and South Korea. 



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Andrew has won partner dance titles at the World Champion, American Champion, and US Open Champion levels. His unique teaching methods have taken him to 231 cities across 35 countries to teach and study dance. He performed on national television in Thailand where he moved to create a dance scene from scratch in less than 90 days. He has spent the past 15 years recreating partner dance techniques so everyone from advanced dancers to beginners can make every dance amazing with any partner to any style of music.


Check out his performances below & visit his personal website here.


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