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Dance Instructors: 7 Reasons To Raise Your Rates

Have you ever learned a dance technique that might improve your dancing with those who do the same technique but doesn’t seem to work with people who don’t use that technique? Well, now you can change that and make every technique and concept work universally (aka: with everyone you dance with).


How NOT to determine your pricing as a dance instructor

Let’s stop reinforcing the stereotype that if you want to teach dance for a living, you have to be willing to sacrifice on the financial side. Learn what NOT to do, and find out what to do instead.


Dance Instructors: How To Ethically Eliminate Your Competition Without Destroying The Dance Scene

Learn how to get new students and grow your dance scene while ethically eliminating your competition in a way that your competition will love you for it!


The Fear Code: The Most Effective Process For Achieving Extraordinary Results

The Fear Code is my favorite and most effective process for achieving extraordinary results in my life. The essence of it is…whenever I have a fear I have to share it. THE PROCESS goes like this: Step 1…


Easiest Way To Build Amazing Websites That Sell Your Products Without Needing Technical Or Design Skills

Extremely powerful and affordable website and sales software that is going to be groundbreaking for the dance world. Build gorgeous websites in minutes without any technical or design skills. Create sales funnels that help you acquire customers for break even or better.


Do You Want Free Help Growing Your Dance Classes & Workshops?

What organizing questions or struggles do you have? Share them here and we will create free tips for the most requested topics.


7 Easy Steps To Create A Progressive Series Of Classes From Beginner To Advanced In Less Than 1 Hour

Creating a series of progressive classes that build off of each other AND keep your students wanting more, can feel like an overwhelming task that will take hours, or even days. How do you start? How do you keep it interesting? How do you make sure to offer variety? How do you keep students coming back for more? This 7 step plan will answer all these questions and make the process easy for you.


How To Get The Attention Of 30 To 3,000 Dancers In A Matter Of Seconds…

Have you ever been in a situation where someone is trying to speak but they can’t seem to get the room’s attention? You can often see the frustration start to set in amongst either the speaker or the few people who ARE paying attention. It is wasting time and devaluing the attention you are getting, making it less likely for those paying attention to do so in the future. Here are some great ways to lead the room to give you their attention.