Code Of Honor

Our “ABC” Code of Honor

Why do we have a Code Of Honor?

1. [expand title=”To inspires us to be who we want to be” trigclass=”arrowright”]

A code of honor reminds us to be who we want to be and do what needs to be done to uphold who we want to be… to uphold our honor.

“…they can take away your money, medications your possessions, your friends, and even your health and what you are left with is your honor.” Blair Singer

People will remember us more for what we stood for than what we did. For example, most know Martin Luther King stood for ending segregation but how many know the exact things he did to make that happen?

The most effective teams and famous people have some Code Of Honor that helped them be who they wanted to be.[/expand]

2. [expand title=”Because how we conduct our business may have a bigger impact on the world than the actual service we provide” trigclass=”arrowright”]

Improving people’s dancing might only make a small impact but improving people’s lives thru the way we interact and the way we improve their dancing can and will make a huge impact!

[expandsub1 title=”Who do we need to be to make that impact?” trigclass=”arrowright”]

For example, a company that makes candy isn’t necessarily one that can change the world by making candy but by choosing to be amazing people who provide candy, they can make a world of difference! Every time someone steps into their shop, feelings of inspiration and excitement can overwhelm the customer just by the way the workers interact with them.[/expandsub1][/expand]

3. [expand title=”To help make smarter decisions for the mission, team, & dancers all over the world” trigclass=”arrowright”]

Have you ever said or done something when you were upset or stressed that you wish you hadn’t? Having a code of honor helps you make smarter decisions during these times.

Without a code of honor, people also tend to act on instinct and do what they think is best based on THEIR feelings, instead of what is best for the mission, team, & dancers around the world.[/expand]

Everyone who works with Dance Ninjas agrees to uphold the following “ABC” Code of Honor. [expand title=”View additional info by clicking any text with arrows like this:” trigclass=”arrowright”]Click the arrow again & this info will disappear.[/expand]

The “ABC”s

A = [expand title=”Answer All Questions… Briefly” trigclass=”arrowright”]

  • The next step in a project often depends on answers to certain questions and not answering them could delay the project.
  • Be brief and to the point so we can make a difference in the world as fast as possible.
  • You can answer with “I don’t know” or “I don’t have time to answer that right now” or “I will answer that question tomorrow”… just please don’t ignore questions.
  • [expandsub1 title=”If there are several questions asked, answer all questions and be clear which answer pertains to which question. ” trigclass=”arrowright”] It can seriously slow progress, if you only answer some questions, or try to combine answers unsuccessfully, or are unclear on which answers go with which questions. Be clear![/expandsub1][/expand]

B = [expand title=”Boldly Honor All Agreements… & Say No When Appropriate” trigclass=”arrowright”]

  • We all make mistakes.  The Code is NOT “complete all agreements” but instead “Boldly Honor” them. This means…
    • [expandsub1 title=”Respect agreements enough to only agree to them when you know you can fulfill them.” trigclass=”arrowright”] Don’t take this concept too far.  If you know you WILL do it unless some unforeseen circumstance happens, like you get seriously injured and are in the hospital, go ahead and commit to it.[/expandsub1]
    • If you break an agreement, honor the agreement by being bold and owning up to it.  Then make a new agreement to get it done (even if it means requesting someone take it over).
  • [expandsub1 title=”Breaking your agreements can ripple out to others” trigclass=”arrowright”]If you don’t finish your task in time, others won’t be able to use it to do their job which means they will get delayed too. This can create a compounding effect when working with multiple people and jobs can take 2 to 10 times as long because one person missed their deadline.If one of us shows up late to a meeting and we all let it slide without mentioning it, then soon someone else will show up late saying to themselves that it isn’t that big of a deal because someone else already showed up late. Eventually people will be showing up late all the time.Be on time, do what you say you will do, and hold others to doing the same. [/expandsub1]
  • [expandsub1 title=”Stay in Value Exchange!” trigclass=”arrowright”]If you are not getting value from what you are doing, don’t do it! At the same time, recognize value can come from a variety of places. Maybe you get value from knowing that you are helping a good cause or from learning what it takes to run a dance business?  Maybe you get value from being challenged to be the best you can be or maybe it is a combination of several of these. No matter what, don’t agree to do things that aren’t worth it for you overall. At the same time, recognize value exchange is a higher priority than money exchange and if it is bringing you enough value (adding up all the different ways you are receiving value from it), then go for it![/expandsub1]
  • [expandsub1 title=”If there is something in this code that you know you won’t do, be bold, say it now.” trigclass=”arrowright”]Maybe something isn’t being explained well and it is actually something you would be happy to agree to. We won’t know unless we talk about it.[/expandsub1][/expand]

C = [expand title=”Call It with Care, or Celebration… Even Yourself” trigclass=”arrowright”]

  • [expandsub1 title=””Calling It” is often done when someone makes a mistake or breaks an agreement.” trigclass=”arrowright”]Calling people on mistakes can be scary and sometimes it feels like it would be easier to let tough situations slide. Don’t let it slide! Everyone on Dance Ninjas knows we are all supposed to Boldly Honor All Agreements & Call It with Care, so we are all aware and happy to be called. In fact, we expect it and know it helps us become who we want to be![/expandsub1]
    • Example: “I asked for the email to be sent to me yesterday and I still don’t have it.  Can you please send it to me now?”
      • If they say yes, great!
      • If they say no or don’t respond… reply with… “I definitely need it by (a specific time/day).  Should we pass this duty on to someone else or can you make it happen?”
          • [expandsub1 title=”It is NOT about blaming, making them wrong, bad or making it a big deal.  It is about getting done what needs to get done.” trigclass=”arrowright”]It is pointing out that an agreement has been broken, which shows you are honoring that agreement, but it isn’t placing blame. It is called with care.[/expandsub1]
          • If this happens consistently, then ask “What can we do to keep this from happening again?” Again, not blaming or making them wrong, but focusing on a solution so we can all honor our agreements.
  • “with Care” means…
    • Don’t make it personal.  Make it about accomplishing the task.
    • [expandsub1 title=”We are going to make mistakes. If we teach each other to expect them, learn from them, laugh at them, we will be giving each other a lifelong skill that will make us extremely successful in life.” trigclass=”arrowright”]Let’s create a team that gets excited when we have a chance to call it with care and fix our mistakes because we know that immense growth and something amazing is waiting on the other side.[/expandsub1]
    • Deal directly with the person (no talking behind backs) and remember they are a good… nay… a great person!  Try to help them be successful in the future.
  • “or Celebration”
    • [expandsub1 title=”It is equally important to Celebrate when someone upholds the code, does what they say they would do, or does any positive actions (not only when breaches happen).” trigclass=”arrowright”]We live in a world that often forgets to appreciate what people do for us and what we do for ourselves and others. A compliment is not yours to keep, so when you think of one, share it![/expandsub1]
    • Say Thank you for a job well done, give high fives, do fist pumps, or anything else that you associate with celebrating and appreciating (both yourself and others).
    • [expandsub1 title=”Support early, often, and unconditionally.  This is our culture.  We are Dance Ninjas and we are proud of our accomplishments and of everyone else’s too!” trigclass=”arrowright”]“The most important form of leadership is selling others on themselves, giving them more confidence, power, and spirit.” Blair Singer[/expandsub1]
  • “Even Yourself”
    • The highest form of leadership is being able to publicly call yourself and apologize. Great team players know before anyone else if they need to be called and they don’t wait for someone else to call it. Be aware and call yourself on things quickly.
    • Don’t forget to give yourself praise and celebration too! This is important!


We also have a very exciting and challenging “TEAMS ABC…D” Code of Honor for anyone that wants to go full out and take on an extraordinary code.  Andrew and all full time Team Members agree to uphold this additional, awesome, extraordinary code.  Feel free to call them on it … with care … or celebration. 🙂


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