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I confess!!!

​Here is one way that I have not been following my own advice.

Let's explore this so you can learn from my "failures" and avoid doing the same thing I did.

"'Failure' is a normal part of the journey towards success. If you hide from it, it can create a huge roadblock on your journey to success. If you learn from it, you can eliminate the roadblocks and move forward."

Andrew Sutton

In this video, we'll learn from my "failures" by going into detail about:

  • ​the advice I was not following (0:53)
  • my lame excuse for why I was not following my own advice (1:29)
  • why it'd be smart for me to change this and start following my own advice (3:26)
  • a little bit of the background of how I realized this (5:19)
  • and how I'm going to change this right now! (7:53)

"My first step to recovery is recognizing my 'failure'."

Andrew Sutton

​The Advice I Was Not Following

There is a saying "Done is better than perfect."

The concept of this saying is that being a perfectionist isn't always the ideal choice. Of course, sometimes being a perfectionist is helpful as it means we are striving to be our best. At the same time, sometimes it can be harmful to ​myself and to others (as you'll see in "Why It'd Be Smart For Me To Change This​").

​Why I Was Not Following My Own Advice ​(aka: My Lame Excuse)

Sometimes I complete something but I don't advertise ​it even though it is completed because I know that I can make it better.

In this specific circumstance, it's recognizing that...

I don't advertise my ​membership site because I know how much I can improve on ​it.

​​I​t can be hard for me to follow ​my own advice here because I want ​my membership site to be perfect. I want it to be the absolute best ​it can be.​

​The funny thing is...

When I created my membership site I was actually very happy with it​. 

  • There's a ton of great content​ (which I'll show you later).
  • There's some really cool features (which I'll show you later). ​

That said, as I continue to learn more about teaching dance online and teaching teachers online...

I started realizing the​​​​ power of one-on-one coaching...

...​and so I started to move my focus to ​that style of coaching.

​​Almost everyone I've worked with one-on-one has been incredibly successful.​

From holding sold-out workshops to gaining over ​180 new students and...

...making over ​$126,000.00 in less than 6 days​!

​That's the kind of power that comes ​from working with someone one-on-one​.

So going back and focusing on my ​membership site is hard for me because I'm worried that I might not be as successful with ​it. ​

I might not help someone make a ​$126,000.00 in less than 6 days!

I might not have that much of an impact on them...

....​because I'm not getting to work with them one-on-one.

Which means I'm not as easily able ​to pick apart what is holding ​them back from getting to ​their next ​level.​

​And part of what I pride myself on is being that problem solver that comes in and figures out why you aren't getting to your goals and how ​to change that (which is much easier to do one-on-one).

Why It'd Be Smart For Me To Change This​

S​o then the question becomes...

​"Why should I ​advertise my membership site if I'm probably not going to be able to make you $126,000 dollars or get you a ​180 new students in less than ​6 days."

I know, I know...

I'm sure it seems obvious to you.

But remember, my perfectionist side of me has a hard time doing anything that isn't the best it can be.

​That said, I ​can realize...

​The ​membership site is incredibly successful by itself.

​If I look at the dancing and teaching side of things...

I've inspired some of the top dancers in the world, some of my mentors, my heroes have traveled across the globe to come take my teacher trainings!

​I know the "Universal ​Learning Method" and "Reaction Based ​Lessons" (which I'll show you ​in a little bit) have the possibility of changing the world of partner dance. 

​The way we think about partner dancing, the way we teach ​it, and the way we ​practice it can ​be much more effective with these two concepts.

​I'll come back to that in just a few minutes...

​Then if I also look at the business training side ​of my membership site...​

That's inspired a brand new teacher​ to gain their first 40 students in less than 1 month just from watching a one-hour training.

George Longshadow - 40 students in 1 month

​Another teacher sold twenty private lessons in less than 24 hours!

So ​even though my one-on-one ​clients ​are having such huge successes, I can easily forget that there's still a lot of power in ​my membership site and if I advertised it more, ​it could be helping you ​all out a lot!

A Little Bit Of The Background Of How I Realized This

​It was actually thanks to one of my one-on-one mentorship students, Boris ​Naumann.

​He is ​holding a Virtual Lindy Hop Tour, where he's ​reviewing ​5 of his favorite online Lindy Hop learning​ platforms and showing people why ​they are ​his favorites.

He gives you a ​nice overview of ​each one so you can see from an outsider's perspective "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of ​each ​platform. That way, you can decide which one you want to ​join before you invest any of your hard earned money ​(​or time).

Plus, he is providing prizes and discounts to 4 of the 5 ​platforms (if you join the tour before it ends​).​

My ​membership site is one of those ​platforms.

I was watching his review and he was pointing out all the awesome aspects of Dance Ninjas and also the negative ​aspects too. ​Then he was ​saying how he doesn't really care about those ​negative aspects because the content is so valuable.

​​So I saw him doing his review and​ it reminded me that there is a ton of really ​valuable information ​in my membership site and I've been really slacking on letting people know about that for a long time.

So it is time to change that!

​How I'm Going To Change This Right Now!

​One thing I thought I could do right away is open up a ​​Dancer Training $1 Trial and a Teacher Training $1 Trial so those of you that are interested and just want to check it out can decide if my ​membership site works for you or not.

​That way, if you're annoyed by the things that I'm annoyed by and ​those things really ​are a deal killer for you, then it's only a buck that you spent to figure that out (or just check out my video to see a demo for free).

​But if you're like Boris and ​those little negatives ​don't matter ​as much to you because you recognize the value in the content, then you could get in on this training at an insanely great price!

Plus, it will improve your dancing in ​every partner dance, as you'll see when we discuss the "Universal ​Learning Method" & "Reaction Based ​Lessons" in the video below.

​The video below will start at 8:47 ​where I start comparing ​a new website ​page of mine to my membership site so you can see the things I like and dislike about my membership site compared to what I'm creating now.

​​Your Assignment

​​Hopefully you ​can also recognize that you don't need to be perfect. 

​And maybe there is some advice that you want to follow but you haven't followed it yet.

If so, ​remember...

​The first step to recovery is recognition.

Share ​what you haven't been doing, ​​how you are going to change, and ​bonus points if you make some small change right now towards that goal.

​Share ​​your own recognition in the comments below...

​...or share it on your Facebook timeline​, or anywhere else that is publicly acknowledging your recognition.

Of course, you are welcome to share any other thoughts or ahas in the comments below as well.

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Andrew Sutton

Andrew Sutton is a Vice World Champion Lindy Hop Instructor, and one of the original founders of the Fusion partner dance movement. He uses his extensive research in over 254 cities across 38 countries (& 44 dance forms) to help dance instructors be more successful in their teaching & finances during their pursuit to help their students...Make Every Dance Amazing!

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