The 3 Day

Fill Your Lessons

Challenge for Dance Instructors

Learn 3 key elements to Sold Out Dance Lessons

Starts Oct 17th

(requires less than 30 min/day)

Has this happened to you...

Lesson 1 - you got some new students...yay!

Lesson 2 - most of them came again...but one person skipped because it was raining

Lesson 3 - another one skipped today...not sure why as they said they were definitely going

Lesson X - only about half the class is left and you don't know why...everyone says the classes are awesome, but they just aren't coming back. How friggin' frustrating!

So you try a different time that everyone says is better...

...and that still doesn't work!

What if your classes were constantly growing instead of slowly dying out?

What if instead, the following happened...

Lesson 1 - you got some new students...yay!

Lesson 2 - all of them came again and two of them even brought friends

Lesson 3 - ok, one skipped today...but two more brought friends

Lesson X - your class is sold out and you have to open a new class to handle the increasing demand!

No matter what time you choose for the new class, people find a way to make it work in their busy schedules!

Let's Fill Your Lessons!

In The 3-Day Fill Your Lessons Challenge, You'll...

  • Learn a key business concept that will drastically increase your income and make it easier to advertise
  • Discover the 2 key elements of the Universal Teaching Method that can transform your teaching from the average to the extraordinary, while drastically improving and inspiring your students to be "reaction ready" instead of "statically styled".
  • Learn how "creating programs" is one of the most helpful business processes to implement into your dance career.
  • Learn how my mission of "Making Every Dance Amazing" helped me become Vice World Lindyhop Champion and see examples of subtle ways I wasn't making every dance amazing (even after I was a champion), so you can avoid them too!
  • Avoid 3 of the most common errors that result in lower registration numbers
  • How I've created classes that inspired national and international champions to attend

Meet Your Mentor - Andrew Sutton

Andrew has taught and researched dance, and the business side of dance, in over 231 cities across 36 countries. He has used his discoveries to co-organize a 600+ attendee dance event, double the size of multiple dance scenes in less than 90 days, and help his clients make $421,000+ in a single year!

Tessa Cunningham Munroe West Coast Swing Champion and marketing expertise for dancers...

There is no other person or company I've found that has anywhere near the business and marketing expertise for dancers that I need and you have.


Our students are happy to pay us as much as 220€/hr!

After the first 3 months working with Andrew, my partner and I went from selling one-off lessons at 80€/hr every once in awhile to having premium programs that are so powerful our students are happy to pay us as much as 220€/hr ($260 USD)!


Now I'm never making less than $200/hr!

Before working with you, my biggest package came to something like $80/hr. Now I'm never making less than $200/hr!

Let's Fill Your Lessons!