The 3 Day

KickAss Class Description

Challenge for Dance Instructors

Inspire More Students To Join Your Dance Class

Starts June 13th (requires less than 30 min/day)

Want more students to join your dance class?

You can make a HUGE difference in your student's dancing...IF they'd just take your classes, right?

Whether you describe your classes in emails, announcements, webpages, flyers, or you are just talking to friends...

...a key step of inspiring students to take your class is creating a kickass class description that makes your students crave your class without having to use pushy sales gimmicks.

In The 3-Day KickAss Class Description Challenge, You'll Learn How To...

  • Create an inspiring class title that makes students want to learn more (as that is a key first step)
  • Create a kickass class description that makes them crave your class without having to use pushy sales gimmicks
  • Avoid 3 of the most common errors that result in lower registration numbers
  • How I've created classes that inspired national and international champions to attend

Meet Your Mentor - Andrew Sutton

Andrew has taught and researched dance, and the business side of dance, in over 231 cities across 36 countries. He has used his discoveries to co-organize a 600+ attendee dance event, double the size of multiple dance scenes in less than 90 days, and help his clients make $421,000+ in a single year (and even during the 2020 pandemic)!

Tessa Cunningham Munroe West Coast Swing Champion and marketing expertise for dancers...

There is no other person or company I've found that has anywhere near the business and marketing expertise for dancers that I need and you have.


Our students are happy to pay us as much as 220€/hr!

After the first 3 months working with Andrew, my partner and I went from selling one-off lessons at 80€/hr every once in awhile to having premium programs that are so powerful our students are happy to pay us as much as 220€/hr ($260 USD)!


Now I'm never making less than $200/hr!

Before working with you, my biggest package came to something like $80/hr. Now I'm never making less than $200/hr!

Let's Create Your KickAss Class Description!