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Learn what it takes to deliver World Class Instruction that creates a mass following of raving fans!

Myles & Tessa

Champion WCS Instructors

"There is no other person or company I've found that has anywhere near the business and marketing expertise for dancers that I need and you have."

Andrew Sutton

Success Coach for Passionate World Class Dance Instructors

Here’s What Andrew Does & Doesn't Do For You

Andrew believes it takes a combination of 3 skills, dancing, teaching, and business...to create truly World Class Dance Instructors. 

While you can get by with being great at 1 or 2, the combination of all 3 is what will allow you to constantly level up...often beyond your wildest dreams (like his clients who just earned 6 figures in less than 6 days ($126,692.95 to be exact) launching an online dance program during the Corona-virus pandemic).


While Andrew is a World Champion Lindy Hop dancer that has taught many of today's top dancers in a variety of dance styles (not just Lindy Hop) in 200+ cities, 30+ countries, he only shares his dance techniques with you if & when you request them.

Since you are often the expert in your style of dance, Andrew leaves the dance technique to you.

That said, he has an extensive background studying "Universal Fundamentals" that can help your students improve their ability to dance with different styles of dancers & he is happy to share that information with you if & when requested.

Note: Teaching Universal Fundamentals is the type of thing that has Champion level dancers telling Andrew they still remember his classes from back when they started dancing. So while it isn't required, it is highly recommended!


Andrew provides you with specific, science-based teaching methods to improve & inspire your students so even the most advanced dancers in your scene LOVE your classes & keep coming back for more. 

He has been analyzing the art & science of teaching for over 15 years, including studying with top International Instructors as well as Olympic & MLB/NFL coaches so he could truly understand what it takes to be a World Class teacher. 

Now he has had the honor of having many top international instructors attend his teacher trainings...& is still in shock from the time when one of his first instructors (& a US Open Showcase Champion) flew over 2,300 km to attend his teacher training in Thailand. So honored!

So if you want to level up your instruction, Andrew can help.


Using an ethical business model, Andrew focuses on helping you create & describe your lessons so they combine the things you are passionate about teaching with the things your students are passionate about learning. 

He teaches you how to market yourself so that you don't feel pushy or salesy but instead have students knocking down your door trying to take your lessons.

A common misconception of "business" is that you try to screw over customers/employees/etc. However, with the ethical model it is just the opposite & Andrew will help you realize where you aren't treating your customers/employees in a way that allows them to truly achieve their potential. For most instructors this happens all over the place & is often drastically impacting their income.

Let's change that powerfully increase your income!

Fill Out The Self-Assessment To Apply For A Free "Level Up" Strategy Session

This session is all about creating a strategy for you to take your dance career to the next level.

Whether that is creating your first premium dance program to attract more students willing to take your private lessons, doubling the size of your dance scene, launching a 6-figure online course, or just becoming the dance instructor you've always dreamed of becoming, we will create a strategy to get you to your next level...fast!

Regardless of whether or not you get accepted for the strategy session, immediately after finishing your self-assessment, we'll give you some free advice on what your exact next steps are to "Level Up" your dance career.

What You’ll Do Before the Strategy Session

You'll fill out a quick application so we can review your current situation and give you the best advice possible based on our science-based algorithms. Plus accepted or not, upon completing the application, you'll get immediate advice on what free articles or low cost products we recommend for you based on your responses.

What Happens During the Strategy Session

► Create a sense of clarity about the next level up for your dance career

► Determine the #1 thing stopping you from your next level of success

► Identify the most powerful actions for you to take to level up

What Changes After the Strategy Session

You'll be inspired to take action because you know the 3 most important next steps for you to take to level up and how you can take those steps as quickly and easily as possible. I'm all about making it easy and efficient for you!

About Andrew Sutton

Andrew has taught and researched dance, teaching dance, &/or the business side of dance, in over 241 cities across 38 countries.

He has used his discoveries to:

  • help his teachers/clients earn $126,692.95 in less than 6 days with an online dance program launch during the Corona-virus pandemic nonetheless
  • double the size of dance scenes in less than 90 days
  • co-organize the very first Fusion Exchanges, which became a 600 attendee dance event which helped spread a brand new dance/community all across the world
  • become an 11-time Champion including 2nd place World Lindy Hop Champion

Andrew is passionate about helping teachers become kick-ass successful dance instructors that are making a bigger impact on the world of dance.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Strategy Session

Check out what some of my past clients have said...

LaurieAnn Lepoff

Swing & Ballroom Instructor

made $13,630.00 in May purely from teaching private dance lessons locally. Plus, May has been a slow month for me recently. For example, last year I didn't make anything during May, and the year before I only made $1,199. That means I made over 22 times more than my average. Best of all, I'm getting to share my knowledge with a lot more students now. Pretty damn excited about working with Andrew!

Boris Naumann

Lindy Hop Instructor

I've put on lots of dance workshops and I've never had one sell out. The very first workshop that I organized with Andrew's help sold out 2 weeks before the workshop! It is so nice to know that the workshop will be filled well beforehand instead of worrying if people will show up or not on the day of the event. If you get the chance to work with Andrew, do it!

Emily Webb

Tango & Fusion Instructor

I have signed up 2 new premium package students in the past week!  Plus I taught two beginner workshops last weekend that basically sold out!  My revenue for this month is at $5200!

Last year I made almost $24,000 for the year, whereas this year I made $39,747. That means I made an extra $15,747 this year and increased my income by 65% in large part thanks to your ideas, support and encouragement!

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Level Up Your Dance Career!