The Team’s Mission

Provide opportunities for the entire world to make every dance more amazing… where Life = Dance!

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, health you’ll land among stars!” – Les Brown

We don’t want you to have to wait for the “right” circumstances in order to have that amazing experience.  Instead, illness we help you become the one that creates those amazing experiences.


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4 Important Parts

There are 4 important parts to our mission statement. Click each line below to see why that part is important to us.

[expand title=”Provide Opportunities for” trigclass=”arrowright”] The mission is NOT to say you MUST learn to make every dance more amazing (or even to dance) but instead to help you realize the possibility is within your reach and to provide opportunities for you to choose to start your own personal journey towards it. [/expand]


[expand title=”the Entire World” trigclass=”arrowright”] We strive for the seemingly impossible because it pushes us to be the best we can be and achieve more than we ever imagined.  We love that and we help you do the same! [/expand]


[expand title=”to Make Every Dance More Amazing” trigclass=”arrowright”] We look at every interaction (dances, pills classes, techniques, relationships, etc) with the question “how do we make this more amazing?” to help you see where you are (and aren’t) taking action for dances and life being the best they can be. [/expand]


[expand title=”where Life = Dance” trigclass=”arrowright”] “Life = Dance” is meant to be a metaphor to remind us that our concepts to improve your dancing can also be used to have more amazing relationships, interactions, and lives. [/expand]


By having this mission, we succeed a lot more often than if we passively move thru life, leaving it to someone else (or chance) to make our dances (and lives) more amazing for us.  

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