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Personalize Your Events For Your Attendees

Do you know what your attendees want, or are you assuming you know?  How do you know what they want?  Do you have an exact process to consistently get suggestions and feedback?When was the last time you got some really helpful feedback?  Did you stop asking because the feedback you got at first was overwhelming or just not helpful?

Do your attendees know exactly where to provide you with feedback?  Are you sure?  Have you tested it (see step 2 below)?


If you want people to keep coming back for years to come, it is important to constantly provide them with what they want (within the boundaries of what you want to provide).

Here are some quick and easy steps you can take to consistently learn exactly what your attendees want, so you can keep them excited about attending all your events for years to come.


The Steps

1. Ask what they want

This may seem obvious but…

Are you consistently doing it?  When was the last time you asked for feedback?

When was the last time you got some really helpful feedback?  Did you stop asking because the feedback you got at first was overwhelming or just not helpful?  We will discuss some ways to get around that

If you ask 10 attendees “If you have a suggestion or question, where would you offer it?”, how many of them will answer you correctly?

Have an official place where your attendees can always voice their wants, desires, or struggles.  Ask them, “What would you like to see implemented (or changed) in our event?  What are some of your biggest dance struggles (or desires)?”  You can ask them online (like I do below), or use a bulletin board or suggestions box at your events, or both.


2. Make it easy for them to answer!

Even after you implement it, remind them about it occasionally.  Keep it short, “If you have any suggestions for us, remember to put them in our suggestion box.  We read every entry and want to make your experience the best possible!”

If you have specific instructions, add them next to the suggestion box (not in your reminders).  For example, “If you would like to help implement your suggestion, leave your name and email so we can contact you.”


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About the author 

Andrew Sutton

Andrew Sutton is a Vice World Champion Lindy Hop Instructor, and one of the original founders of the Fusion partner dance movement. He uses his extensive research in over 254 cities across 38 countries (& 44 dance forms) to help dance instructors be more successful in their teaching & finances during their pursuit to help their students...Make Every Dance Amazing!

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