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The Premium Dance Strategy

This Attracts More Passionate Students & Makes A Bigger Impact Without Constantly Having To Worrying About Money!

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A Few of My Clients

...and some kick-ass success stories!

Tessa Cunningham Munroe - Kick-Ass Successful Dance Instructor and marketing expertise for dancers...

"There is no other person or company I've found that has anywhere near the business and marketing expertise for dancers that I need and you have."

Tessa Cunningham Munroe
(of Myles & Tessa, West Coast Swing Champions)

LaurieAnn Lepoff - Kick-Ass Successful Dance Instructor

I made over 22 times more than my average.

"I made $13,630.00 in May purely from teaching private dance lessons locally. Plus, May has been a slow month for me recently. For example, last year I didn't make anything during May, and the year before I only made $1,199. That means I made over 22 times more than my average. Best of all, I'm getting to share my knowledge with a lot more students now. Pretty damn excited about working with Andrew Sutton!"

LaurieAnn Lepoff 
Swing & Ballroom Instructor

Boris Naumann - Kick-Ass Successful Dance Instructor

...students are happy to pay...220€/hour!

"After the first 3 months working with Andrew, my partner and I went from selling one-off lessons at 80€/hour every once in awhile to having premium programs that are so powerful our students are happy to pay as much as 220€/hour! I just sold two programs for a total of 7.260€ and the process Andrew teaches to learn how to do this was very clear and simple to do."

Boris Naumann
Lindy Hop Instructor

The Benefits Of The "Premium Dance Strategy"

Increases Your Student's Passion

Offering a premium program designed to achieve a specific desired goal (instead of just improving their dancing) creates a clear path for the student and a much stronger desire to accomplish the goal.

Increases YOur student's Skills

When your student pays you more, it is much easier to go above and beyond for your student. You can do more research on how to speed up their progress and deliver more powerful results.

Increases YOur income

Premium programs make it much easier to teach dance full-time. For example, to make $50,000, you can sell 5,000 lessons for $10 each...or 500 lessons for $100 each...or 5 premium programs for $10,000 each. The latter is by far the easiest to do...when you have the strategy.

"Premium programs are the hidden gem of creating a kick-ass successful dance career and business." Andrew Sutton

Andrew Sutton

World Lindyhop Champion

Andrew has taught and researched dance, and the business side of dance, in over 244 cities across 38 countries (& 44 dance forms). He has used his discoveries to create the Premium Dance Strategy, as well as co-organize a 600 attendee dance event, double the size of multiple dance scenes in less than 90 days, and help other teachers to become kick-ass successful dance instructors.

Founder of

US Open, ALHC, & World Lindy Hop Champion


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