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Free training: How to Teach Dance Online

Helpful Links From Replay

1. How to upload a video to youtube from mobile

2. Christina Musser's Facebook Post

If you are having trouble viewing the post, here is the text and video from her post:

  • Hey All my Shelter-In-Place-ers! I thought I would offer a short 1/2 hour Zumba set to you all. I know we are all stuck inside, miss dancing more, and could use some fun activity! It’s just a half hour to start with, so it’s easy to fit into whatever is happening with your day now????

    The Zumba set is $2-6, whatever you can do because I know times are sticky.Below is the link, and I will then send you the Zumba set!

  • Christina's Video Announcement

3. ​Wide Angle Lens (only $10)

  • In the training, I mention a Fisheye lens but a "Wide Angle" lens would actually be better as it won't distort your image as much. The link above includes both a Wide Angle and a Fisheye lens (as well as several others).

4. How to find and share your facebook post link with me

5. My facebook account so you can friend me  

6. ​The Dance Ninjas Facebook Page - like it to get notified ​when we create new teaching, business and dance related tips, articles, programs, etc.

​7. Background style music that can be played for free with no licensing fees.

​8. Sign up for BOTH a account AND a link.

  • Paypal is super fast and super easy. It literally takes under 14 minutes to set up, whereas the other options can take days to weeks & often involve more paperwork.
  • Other options usually start to make more sense when you are making over $2,000/month from online lessons but until then, keep it simple. If you are already making over $2k/month from online lessons, reply to this message and let me know so I can give you more accurate advice for where you are at.

Here is a video showing you:

Ok, I think that is it. If you notice us talking about a link in the replay that is not included here, please email me and let me know so I can send it to you asap.

Good luck in the contest and Stay Healthy!

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