Improve Your Business: Grow Your Dance Scene

Improve Your Business: Grow Your Dance Scene

If you want to grow your dance scene (or your dance business)…

…you are in the right spot!

Selling out your dances and lessons is actually a lot easier than you might realize!


…most dancers seem to do everything backwards (even me at one point)…

…and they slowly kill their chances of being successful.

Things either never really get started and they never hit critical mass.

Or they start out great and then slowly dwindle down to a few students.

So why is this?

A huge mistake dancers tend to make is not educating themselves on how to grow their dance scene.

They take classes to improve their dancing but they forget to take classes to improve their scene growth.

So you are already ahead of 85% of dancers just by taking the step to view this page.

Well done and welcome to the top 15%!

Now it’s time to get to the top 5% (which also isn’t that difficult).

You can do this by creating a plan to grow your scene, testing it, and then improving on it.

At Dance Ninjas, this is what we do.  We create plans, test them, and then improve upon them.

And it’s because of this that we’ve learned how to sell out our private lessons, group classes, workshops, and even our massive 600 attendee events.

You can too.  Nothing is stopping you.

But first it’s smart to have a plan… and a way to measure the effect of the plan.

We cover all that and more in our Double Your Dance Scene FREE Webinar.

And the crazy part is…

Our plan is ridiculously simple…

…and it works like gangbusters!

So if you want to learn the exact plan used to double the size of dance scenes in less than 90 days, go here and sign up for the webinar now!

Now of course… to grow your dance scene and sell out, you also want to be a great dancer and a great teacher.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too…

Introducing: Dance Ninjas Dancing & Teaching Tips

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