Alex & Owen’s ALHC Routine Critique – Skype Private Lesson

Alex and Owen won 3rd place at the 2012 American Lindy Hop Championships (aka ALHC) in the Showcase division with this routine below.  Way to go Alex & Owen!!!  In the video above, I critique their routine to tell them what they can improve on for next time.

“I was impressed how easily the online communication flowed between us. Andrew was able to watch our video and critique it. He was not only able to give verbal feedback but also physically show examples. It was as close to in person as possible.” Owen Richetti, 3rd place ALHC Showcase Champion

“This was my first time using a video conversation for a dance lesson, and I was surprised at the result. We were able to watch the video together and pinpoint key movements and steps that could be improved on, as well as general elements that could improve our entire routine and technique in general. The quality was good enough that we were able to see Andrew’s examples/ideas/suggestions, and are able to reproduce that on the dance floor during practice. Nothing will beat a 1-on-1 lesson in person, but this takes a close second, and is a wonderful way to communicate and exchange ideas over distance. Looking forward to the monthly classes!” Alex Linares, 3rd place ALHC Showcase Champion 

Here is a video of the routine I critiqued:



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