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Dance Ninjas Mission

Provide Opportunities For 

The Entire World To

Make Every Dance More Amazing

where Life = Dance!

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Created By 

Andrew Sutton

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2nd place World Lindy Hop Champion
1st place American Lindy Hop Champion
1st place US Open Champion
1st place Enter the Blues Champion


Performed For 
National Thai TV
NBC Movie “The Little Richard Story”

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Teaches in 30+ Countries
Teaching for hundreds of scenes and tens of thousands of dancers


Keeps Learning
To provide you with the best knowledge possible, skincare Andrew constantly attends teacher trainings, analyzes his own recorded classes, and hires other pros to help him improve for you


A Teacher’s Teacher
Andrew teaches many of today’s top international instructors at his Teacher Trainings


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Helped Organize 100+ Successful Dance Events
Including the very popular Fusion Exchanges (600+ attendees)


Studied one-on-one with Blair Singer (of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame)
As well as many other top notch businesses, including Swing Patrol, the largest Lindy Hop company in the world


Doubled Attendance of 3 Dances In Less Than 90 Days
With his new program: Double Your Dance Scene

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Featured In

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DanceNinjas Secure Shopping Page

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Use this blueprint to take your dance instruction to the next level, giving you more gigs and students.

  • The 3 fundamentals to becoming an in-demand, sought-after, or world class dance instructor
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