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OLD Dancing Tips

Making Every Dance More Amazing

(aka: Becoming The Most Wanted Dancer In The Room)

Do you agree with us?

At Dance Ninjas, we believe:

The primary purpose of improving our dancing is so we can have (and give) more amazing dances!

Every time we take someone on the dance floor, we want to be capable of providing the absolute best experience possible for ourselves and our partner.

So we focus on making sure that everything we learn and teach allows us to do this to the absolute best of our abilities, no matter the situation.

Here are just a few methods we love to use to improve our dancing:

Example Universal Dance Techniques

Example Methods To Universally Improve Your Dancing

How many methods do you have to improve your dancing?

Maybe more importantly…

Are they Universal?

Meaning…do your methods work with everyone you dance with and to all the types of music you love to dance to?

If not, we recommend finding a way to change that so you can use that method to have more amazing dances…all the time…in every situation you encounter.

The more experienced you get, the more important it will become to have loads of universal dance methods, so start building your list now!

And if you need some help…

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered…

Introducing: Dance Ninjas Universal Dancing Methods

These articles outline methods we believe will universally improve your dancing:


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