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To Have More Amazing Dances & Lives?

Benefits Of Volunteering!

    • Be Inspired by Proactive Teammates
    • Help Spread Dance Worldwide
    • Build Your Resume
    • Learn Aspects of
      • Running a Dance Business
      • Being a Full Time Instructor
      • Being an International Instructor
    • Opportunities to Become an Official Dance Ninja



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We have a HUGE Mission:

To provide opportunities for the entire world to make every dance more amazing… where Life = Dance!

The more people helping, the more opportunities we can provide to more of the world.



[expand title=”What Type Of Help Is Needed?” trigclass=”arrowright”]

All sorts!

  • Video Editing
  • Copy Editing &/or Writing
  • Giving Feedback on Ideas, Emails, & Videos (lots of this needed)
  • Web Design
  • Flyer Design
  • Manage Gig Bookings
  • Event Coordination
  • Marketing Consultation &/or Implementation
  • Sales
  • Infusionsoft Optimization
  • CustomerHub Optimization
  • Legal Work
  • Fundraising & Donations
  • Automating & Creating Systems
  • Customer Service
  • Any Strengths You Offer
  • And a lot more that we don’t even realize yet!


[expand title=”How Many Hours Are Required?” trigclass=”arrowright”]

  • Your amount of involvement is your choice. We will need people that can help on a monthly basis (part-time volunteers), a weekly basis (the core team), and a daily basis (certain members of the core team).[/expand]

[expand title=”How Do Tasks Get Assigned?” trigclass=”arrowright”]

  • As help is needed, an email will be sent to the volunteer team. If you want to help with that request, say so. If not, remain silent and you won’t get any more emails about that request (unless you want to).[/expand]

[expand title=”What Are Some Current Goals?” trigclass=”arrowright”]

  • Help scenes dramatically increase their size so they can share the mission with more people
  • Improve the online content so people can continue learning from almost anywhere in the world
  • Teach others how to teach these concepts
  • Hold big events that stand behind these concepts
  • Create systems and automation that make this as simple and efficient as possible


[expand title=”Do Volunteers Get Paid?” trigclass=”arrowright”]

  • No, but as you continue to volunteer, it may be possible to become a Dance Ninjas Team Member.
    • Team Members are more involved, take on bigger tasks and commitments, and get benefits like free subscriptions (worth upwards of $1000 per year), free workshops (worth $100 – 300 each), free t-shirts, and occasionally even paid positions.
    • Dance Ninjas Team Members agree to an additional “Teams ABC…D” Code of Honor.  At that point you would be an official representative of The Mission, The Code, and Dance Ninjas so it becomes extremely important that you commit to being the best you can be.


[expand title=”Become A Volunteer” trigclass=”arrowright”]

Before joining the Dance Ninjas Volunteer Team, please make sure you are willing to uphold the Mission & ‘ABC’ Code Of Honor:

1. Read The Mission

2. Read The “ABC” Code of Honor

3. Click Here To Become A Volunteer!


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