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SwingerG workshop 2010 in Heidelberg!
“If we had all the time in the world” – what would we teach?

SwingerG = The interaction of two or more dance teachers so that their combined knowledge is greater than the sum of their individual knowledge. (like synergy 🙂

The third SwingerG workshop with Andrew Sutton and Ali&Katja is coming up in October 2010 (Oct 23.+24.).

When preparing for this workshop, look we asked our selves:
“If we had all the time in the world” – what would we teach?

Instead of picking a few ideas and teaching those, we aim to break the conventional structure of classes. By combining and rearranging the schedule for 5 days, we create a workshop schedule that does not hold back, everything’s in there: Andrew’s Warm up Medley, the Variety Show, the California Routine, Musicality, Ninja Rhythm, Big Apple Jazz Movement, Layers of Leading&Following, the Beauty of Doing Nothing, Superman Dancing, and Aha’s (and that was just for the Saturday)!

Like the previous years, we will keep you on your toes by working with the “layer” concept: You will learn a concept or a move, then we’ll add a new layer to it. For example: How do I use the stretch and tension? How can I make a move even better and finally, what else can I do with it? Ultimately, we will guide you to create your own unique variation!

This method of adding many different layers on a move guarantees that you will reach your best potential and grow from there throughout the workshop. And when we say guarantee, we mean it! If at the end of the workshop, you aren’t completely satisfied, we will refund you the entire workshop price!

Enjoy 10 hours of classes taught by Andrew and Ali&Katja.

When? Sa, 23. Okt. von 11-16 Uhr, So, 24. Okt. 2010 von 12-17 Uhr
Where? Haus am Harbigweg, Harbigweg 5, 69124 Heidelberg
Pricing Top discount for the first 10 leaders and 10 followers: details below
Levels Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced level.

Subscribe by email to [email protected].

[email protected]
Mobil: 0179-506 12 56

Why Andrew?
We want Andrew to teach with us because he was the first who brought to us the ground breaking concept of “layers” of dance and technique. A couple of years ago, at a workshop in Heidelberg, he taught us how to use these different layers to become more aware and creative in our dancing. This amazing experience changed our way of learning and teaching dance. We believe that this concept is a “must know” for every dancer and Andrew is the best in the world to communicate it!

Andrew’s workshops are usually priced a lot higher than our normal workshops, often up to one hundred and seventy five euros. However, we – Ali&Katja – have figured out some ways to bring the price down.

The regular price for the 2 day workshop is €160, HOWEVER, we want as many people as possible to take advantage of this incredible workshop!

So… for the first 10 leads & 10 follows that register before Ali’s birthday on September 3rd, Ali&Katja will chip in €60, to make your cost only €100 for the workshop. That’s over 10 hours of high octane instruction plus a dance on Saturday night.

To register, email to us at [email protected]

If you want to know more about Andrew Sutton, check out his website www.SmoothSavoy.com, where you can watch videos of crazy routines like Dogpile, read articles about improving your dancing, and get a general idea of his dancing and personality. Join his mailing list, and he sends you monthly newsletters with ideas on how to improve your dancing, favourite songs, etc… He even sends out private discounts to subscribers for workshops he is teaching at or the ones he personally thinks rock. Click on this link to sign up for his mailing list: www.SmoothSavoy.com

How to get to the
Haus am Harbigweg, Harbigweg 5, 69124 Heidelberg

Taking the bus:
Bus No. 33 direction Emmertsgrund will take you from the Hauptbahnhof (Main train station) right to the Harbigweg station just outside the building!
By car, coming from Autobahn A5:
• Take the exit „Kreuz Heidelberg“ (No. 37) and switch to A656 direction Heidelberg
• Continue straight ahead to enter Heidelberg (the road is now B37)
• Continue straight ahead onto Bergheimer Straße, after 200 meters (at the 2. big crossing with traffic lights) turn right onto Czernyring
• Pass the bridge, hold to you left to turn left (i.e. stay on Czernyring)
• Continue on Czernyring, street name changes to Carl-Benz-Straße
• At the end of the street, at a triangular crossing, turn right into Hebelstraße
• Continue on Hebelstraße, through two underpasses, the street name then changes to Kirchheimer Weg
• When you get to the Messplatz (large gravel square to your left) and reach the tram station, turn right into Harbigweg
• Continue straight for another 500 meters
The Haus am Harbigweg (number 5) is located to the left. You can park right in front of it!
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